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    Easy DIY Basket for Baby’s First Easter

    I’m so in love with this adorable little basket that I put together for Eva’s first Easter! I’ve included links to all my favorite tiny goodies that your baby will love, to make your Easter basket look effortless, chic and trendy. For reference, Eva is currently 4.5 months old. You obviously need a basket with […]

  • Life with a baby

    Say Yes to Family Pictures

    We did not plan to get any family photos when Eva was born. I toyed with the idea, but I originally only cared to capture pictures of her when she was a newborn. Then, my sweet friend Madalyn posted that she was offering last minute sessions at a local Christmas tree farm before the holidays. […]

  • Life with a baby

    12 things no one tells you about the 4th trimester

    (Vaginal Delivery & Breastfeeding Postpartum) Having a baby is beautiful, but healing from having a baby is not all rainbows and sunshine. There are books and books and more books that the expectant mother can read about to navigate her way through pregnancy. Why aren’t there resources to turn to, in regards to the 4th […]

  • Life with a baby

    My Birth Story

    The best part of my year, 2020. At my 30 week prenatal appointment, my OB expressed her concern that I wasn’t gaining much weight anymore. It had been decided to do a growth scan at my 32 week visit, just to ensure that Baby Girl was doing alright. I was obviously nervous something could be […]

  • Life with a baby

    Nursery Room Tour!

    I’m so excited to share Eva’s nursery room with you all! From a design standpoint, I wanted to keep her room bright and airy. I envisioned natural wood, brass metals, botanical plants, yarn tassels and hints of wicker/rattan/water hyacinth for a light boho-ish feel. The pops of dusty pink and mauve help give it that […]

  • Life with a baby

    PinkBlush – Clothing for the Cool Mom

    I officially have a closet full of PinkBlush Maternity AND PinkBlush clothing items. You read that right, they make clothes for before, during and after pregnancy! Prior to 20 weeks of pregnancy, I was able to get by with my loose-fitting tops, stretchy bottoms & babydoll dresses, but it was eventually time to look into […]

  • Life with a baby

    My Maternity Photo Shoot

    Now that my baby girl is finally here, my arms are full and my heart has truly never been fuller. I feel oddly empty inside – physically – though. My body misses the feeling of her inside my womb, growing and moving. In fact, I’ve even experienced some phantom baby kicks in the spots where […]

  • Life with a baby

    Peek a Baby Boutique

    I always envisioned my first pregnancy as magical as the movies. I couldn’t wait to hear the heartbeat together with my husband for the very first time. I imagined us holding hands and saying things like, “oh my gosh, that’s actually the baby on the screen!”. However, because of Covid-19, Noah wasn’t allowed at any […]

  • Life with a baby

    The Big Reveal!

    On July 7, 2020 we had our 20-week ultrasound to do an anatomical scan and see Baby’s development. We were relieved to learn that Baby had 10 fingers, 10 toes, a healthy beating heart, working lungs, growing brain, and all other organs were on track as well! The ultrasound technician wrote down Baby’s sex, sealed it in an envelope, we promptly handed off […]

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