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Lori's Family Photoshoot-27

We did not plan to get any family photos when Eva was born. I toyed with the idea, but I originally only cared to capture pictures of her when she was a newborn. Then, my sweet friend Madalyn posted that she was offering last minute sessions at a local Christmas tree farm before the holidays. Something told me I needed to schedule a session with her. It felt like an opportunity we had to take advantage of.

We ended up getting so lucky with the weather! Though it was pretty chilly, it wasn’t windy and it wasn’t snowing. The Christmas tree farm was absolutely beautiful and made for the perfect backdrop for family photos! Madalyn is so wonderful to work with. She makes the experience easy, fun and overall completely enjoyable. She already had ideas of how to seat and pose us all as a family — she even helped wrangle my miniature poodle (Bo) into the pictures. She managed to capture my entire heart into these photos. My entire world. I legitimately cried when I received the edited album. I like to still blame those silly tears on all the raging postpartum hormones, but I was genuinely so overwhelmed with how much I adored each and every picture. I cannot even fully express how glad I am that we decided to schedule a session with Madalyn. She has given me such a gift that I am so grateful for. I have looked through this album a million times; especially today — on my first day back from Maternity Leave — all I want to do is look at this pictures until I can go back home to my little family.

Lori's Family Photoshoot-24
Lori's Family Photoshoot-25
Lori's Family Photoshoot-23
Lori's Family Photoshoot-22
Lori's Family Photoshoot-21
Lori's Family Photoshoot-20
Lori's Family Photoshoot-19
Lori's Family Photoshoot-18
Lori's Family Photoshoot-17
Lori's Family Photoshoot-16
Lori's Family Photoshoot-15
Lori's Family Photoshoot-13
Lori's Family Photoshoot-14
Lori's Family Photoshoot-12
Lori's Family Photoshoot-11
Lori's Family Photoshoot-10
Lori's Family Photoshoot-09
Lori's Family Photoshoot-08
Lori's Family Photoshoot-07
Lori's Family Photoshoot-06
Lori's Family Photoshoot-05
Lori's Family Photoshoot-03
Lori's Family Photoshoot-04
Lori's Family Photoshoot-02
Lori's Family Photoshoot-01

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