Nursery Room Tour!

Full View of Eva's Nursery Room

I’m so excited to share Eva’s nursery room with you all! From a design standpoint, I wanted to keep her room bright and airy. I envisioned natural wood, brass metals, botanical plants, yarn tassels and hints of wicker/rattan/water hyacinth for a light boho-ish feel. The pops of dusty pink and mauve help give it that girly glow without being *too* princess girly, in my opinion. My good friend, Katie (a fab lifestyle, wedding and couples photographer with excellent taste in interior design), helped me create this vision and also bring it to life. And Noah worked hard on creating the board and batten (from scratch) on the accent wall. I’m so incredibly happy with how everything turned out. Her nursery is officially my favorite room in the house! 

For those that are curious to where I got some of the items in Eva’s nursery, I’ve linked them below. Just click the tiny pictures and they’ll direct you to that product 🙂 Feel free to contact me too if you have any questions!

Eva's Nursery Room
Beautiful Window Curtains in Eva's Nursery Room
Eva's Nursery Room-05
Beautiful Design of Window Curtain's Rod
Story Books Cabins in Eva's Nursery Room
Eva's Nursery Room-03
Eva's Nursery Room-06
Eva's Nursery Room-04
Eva's Nursery Room-06
Eva's Nursery Room-01
Eva's Nursery Room-05
Eva's Nursery Room-02

Some of the exact products in Eva’s nursery are shown below!

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