DIY Board & Batten

Pottery Barn Crib for Eva's Nursery Room-01


1×2’s (pine wood) 

1×4’s (pine wood) 

Corner moulding (pine wood) 

Nails & gun 

Wood filler 

Sand paper 

Cheese Cloth 

Painter’s tape 



STEP 1: 

Cut your 1×2’s to the desired length. We cut ours to 47” so that it would be an appropriate height on the wall. Make sure to cut them each very accurately so that when you place the 1×4 over the top of them on the wall, they are all lined up without gaps! 


STEP 2: 

If your baseboards don’t have any angle to them, the battens will sit very nice and flat on top. Our baseboards have a bit of an angle on the tops, and we did not want to remove/re-do baseboards. To make a smooth transition between our current baseboards and the battens, we attached a piece of corner moulding to the top of the baseboard using the nail gun. I’m super pleased with how this turned out! 



Measure your wall and calculate the spacing you’ll want between each batten. We chose to do about 10.25” so it was spaced evenly across the whole wall. Then, attach them each to the wall using the nail gun. 


STEP 4:  

Using the nail gun, attach the 1×4’s horizontally above the 1×2’s. We had to use 2 separate 1×4’s to stretch the length of the wall.  


STEP 5:  

Use wood filler to fill in any seams, gaps and nails.  


STEP 6: 

Wait for the wood filler to dry and then sand it really well. 


STEP 7: 

Use some cheese cloth to wipe down your woodwork. This will help ensure that no tiny fragments of sawdust or fuzzies get stuck to the wood while you’re painting! 


STEP 8: 

Use painter’s tape to prepare for painting your accent wall! Here is the color we chose to match up with our baseboards: 


STEP 9: 

Paint your board and batten! We used a small roller brush for the boards and a 1” paint brush for the battens. We did 2 coats. 


STEP 10: 

Paint the wall above the board and batten


And that’s it! That’s all you need to do to create a beautiful accent wall and add some dimension to your space! More finalized pictures here (the nursery tour)!

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