Our Pregnancy Announcement

First Scan of Baby after Pregnancy-01

I was only 4.5 weeks along when we discovered we were expecting. We decided it would be fun to keep it a secret between us until Easter, when I would be 7.5 weeks. We knew we’d spend Easter with my family and travel to see his family in Milwaukee the following weekend.

Unfortunately, my grandpa passed away when I was 6.5 weeks. Our world stopped spinning and Easter plans were canceled. On top of that, because of the rising impacts of COVID-19, our plans in Milwaukee were also canceled. 

I had originally planned to wear a shirt I found from Etsy to Easter and just wait for my parents and siblings to figure it out! I ended up wearing it earlier in the week, before we left for South Dakota to be with extended family. It was the greatest feeling ever when they all of a sudden understood what my shirt meant and wrapped Noah and I in big happy hugs. It felt like a blessing for them to hear good news so shortly after my grandpa had passed. Noah and I also found these amazing scratch-offs from Amazon to send to his family. Scratch-offs have always been a fun and exciting thing for us to do as a family. We told them we were sending scratch-offs to everyone to make-up for us not being able to get together, and that we should do a Zoom call to all scratch them off together and see what everyone wins! The idea was a hit and no one suspected anything. Although I wish we could have been with everyone in person, being able to see their reactions on the screens was priceless. We felt so much love.


After making sure to tell our close friends and family, we decided to do a fun announcement on social media. During these crazy times, we thought it would be appropriate to share a little bit of happy news. We decided to share the big news on our 2nd wedding anniversary: May 27, 2020. Quick sappy moment to share how much I adore this man. I’m so grateful that our paths crossed and fate brought us together. I’m so fortunate for his constant love and support even when I’m stubborn or hard-headed. He is my rock and my best friend.

I had one of my good friends snap some photos of us in a local park and they turned out perfectly, I couldn’t be happier! I often find myself looking back on these photos because they put such a huge smile on my face. It’s fun to reflect back on how much genuine excitement we’ve had about Baby B arriving in this world, since day one. Ever since we found out we were pregnant, we’ve wanted to shout from the rooftops how excited we are to be parents.



Bo even did an announcement on his own social media! HAHA

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