Bringing Home Bo

First Day of Boo in Our House

I. Love. Dogs.

I’ve always loved dogs. I would say I’m definitely a “dog person”. I’m the kind of girl that will shamelessly ask strangers if I can pet their dogs. I grew up with two tiny toy poodles and Noah, my husband, grew up with golden retrievers and we knew that someday we’d want to get a pup of our own.  

We were at a friend’s wedding in the Dominican Republic mid-December 2018. Previous to this vacation, we had just met our friend’s new dog, Gus. Gus was from a local breeder and he was the cutest toy poodle we had ever seen. The puppy fever was real, especially for Noah. One day on the beach in DR, Noah told me that he had reached out to the breeder to schedule an appointment for when we got back to the U.S. “just to see what dogs they have available”…. I told him, “Fine. But we aren’t getting a dog right now.” We had had a big year! We got married in May, built and moved into our new home in September, and were now on vacation. We would be insane to throw a puppy into the mix too, right?? Looking back, it’s completely hilarious how convinced I was that I wouldn’t want to bring Bo home. 

Meeting Bo

At the time, the breeder had 1 litter of puppies available: 3 black toy poodles (2 girls and 1 boy). We sat on the floor to play with them and the little boy instantly ran up to me. He was too cute for words. I tried to hand him off to Noah to hold, and the little pup ran right back to me. My heart began melting. I stood up to go check out the little girl pups that were running around with each other and the little boy kept. following. me. My heart melted all the way into a full puddle and I told Noah, “I think I need to take him home.”  

It turned out that this puppy was ready to go home the following week, and the date we chose to pick him up was Christmas Eve. We were over the moon. Needless to say, he was best Christmas present ever and we were instantly head-over-heels in love. 

Where did the name “Bo” come from?

There’s a place in our college town where we met, called Bodega Brew Pub. We hold this place very near and dear to our hearts for the memories we formed there and for the fact that our relationship really blossomed in this little city. With Bodega being one of our favorite places, it only felt right to name our puppy Bo! 

It’s truly hard to imagine life without this little guy. He has made life so much better with his fun personality, puppy kisses, cuddly snuggles, and unconditional love. You can follow his adventures on his personal Instagram @lildoggo_bo !

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